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A simple, affordable & intelligent security device to protect your home and business 24X7. This portable device has long battery backup and needs only a SIM card to.It will instantly call your multiple phone numbers as soon as someone enters your property.

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Protects your properties

Safeguard your properties against theft and burglary in a unique way.

Just put a SIM card

It just needs a normal SIM card with a contact pointing to the number(s) you want the alert calls to go to. Nothing more !

Watching Silently

Watching Silently It makes no noise and keep a silent vigil for any intrusion in your property.

Alarm Calls

Your phone will ring every minute if a burglar is inside your premise.

Quick and Free installation

It just takes few minutes to get it going.

Battery Powered

In-built Lithium ion battery with a life of approximately 4 hours which keep the device working during power cuts.

Best Value

It is inexpensive for the value it adds to your security.

Take it Anywhere

It is so small that you can just slip it in your suitcase wherever you go.